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Garden Fountains

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Browse for a variety of Garden Fountains, Outdoor Garden Fountains, and Indoor Garden Fountains using the navigation bar in the left margin of the pages, or refer to the Fountains INDEX on this page.

Fountains Index

Garden Fountains Small
Bronze Fountains
Stone Fountains

Garden Fountains
Architectural Fountains
Bronze Fountains
Tiered Fountains

 Garden Fountain

Garden Fountains with Pools

 Garden Fountain

Classical Fountains
Fiberglass Fountains
Italian Imported Fountains
Italian Imported Fountains

 Garden Fountain

Contemporary Fountains
Cast Stone

 Garden Fountain

Wall Fountains
 Garden Fountain

Bronze Fountains
Marble Fountains
Stone Fountains

 Garden Fountain

Copper/Brass Fountains
Copper Tabletop

Plumbed Sculpture

Waterfall Fountain

 Garden Fountain


Architectural Garden Fountains with larger pools starting at $10,000.00

Bronze Fountains
Bronze Small Garden
Bronze Wall

Garden Fountains Made of Cast Stone, Traditional Design

p.1 Tulip Fountain, Natchez Fountain
p.2 Cortina Fountain, Positano Fountain, San Remo Pigna Fountain, Bordine Finial Fountain, Sorrento Grotto Fountain, Fiona Finial Fountain, Chipmunk Fountain
p.3 Fontana with Ball Finial, Fontana with Acorn Finial,
Ivy Fountain with ball Finial, Ivy Fountain with Pineapple Finial
p.4 Viterro Fountain, Medio Fountain, Florence Fountain, Aralia Fountain, Stratus Fountain, Pavo Fountain, Cara Fountain, Cara Urn Fountain
English Cistern Fountain 3 Tier, Shallow English Cistern, Deep English Cistern

Garden Fountains Made of Cast Stone, Contemporary Design
Outdoor Garden Fountains for the yard or patio

p.1 Block Fountain, Linear Fountain, Block with Ball Fountain, Monolith, Monolith with Ball, Drum, Drum with Ball, Moon Fountain
>p.2 Spire Fountain, Spire with Ball Fountain, "I" Fountain, "I" with Ball Fountain, Tower Fountain, Vertical Canyon Fountain, Spindle Fountain
p.3 Genie Fountain , Olive Jar Fountain, Ripple Vase Fountain, Greek Jar Fountain, Large Vase Fountain, Small Vase Fountain, Mini Vase Fountain
p.4 Oblique Fountain, Oblique with Ball, Double Oblique, Double Oblique with Ball, Obelisk Fountain, Elephant Fountain, Buddha Fountain
p.5 Rubix & Wok Fountain, Ball & Wok Fountain, Ball & Bowl Fountain, Ball & Ring Base Fountain, Bell Fountain
p.6 Round Scallop Fountain, Zig Zag Fountain, Square Monolith Fountain, 12- Side Fountain, Ribbed Monolith Fountain, Scallop Monolith Fountain
p.7 Vortex Fountain, Bello Fountain, Canister Fountain, Vortex with Ball Fountain, Awesome Blossom Fountain
p.8 Obtuse Fountain, Double Obtuse Fountain, Obtuse with Ball Fountain, Double Obtuse Fountain with Ball, Fountain Squared Fountain
p.9 Egg Fountain, Egg Stand Fountain, Egg Trap Fountain, Split Face Fountain, Orbit Fountain

p1. Grooved Fountain, Curved Fountain, Tower Fountain, Diamond Fountain, "L" Fountain, Zig-Zag Fountain
p2. Equinox Fountain, Equinox Sphere Fountain, Rustic Wave Fountain

Garden Fountains Made of Carved Natural Stone

Garden Fountains in Classical Styles
Italian Imported
Italian Imported


Tabletop Fountains
p.1 Water Wheel, Planter Bucket, Water Bucket, The River
Dish Garden Fountain, The Waterfall Fountain, Simple Pleasures, Grand Illusions, Winding Falls, The Niagara, Waterfalls and Nature Hummingbirds, Fountain Pumps

Plantable Copper Fountains
Waterwheel and Planter

Garden Fountains with Pools
Pools under 6 Feet
p.1 Isola 3-Tie Pond Fountain, Classic Cascade, St. Augustine, Borghese 3 Tier, Classic Reflections, Cascade Reflections, Hawaiian Reflections
p.2 San Martino, Idra Fountain,
Palazzo Urn, Palazzo Obelisk, Lion Urn, Palamos, Bisbalos
p.3 Anfora Nuovo, Anfora , DeSoto Cascade, DeSoto, Rebecca

Garden Fountain Pools over 6 Feet
p.4 Alabama 3 Tier Fountain, Williamsburg 3 tier Fountain, Williamsburg 4 Tier Fountain, Borghese 4 Tier Fountain, New Orleans 3 Tier Fountain with square pool.
p.5 Rietti, Ischia, Riccione, Duomo, Savonna
p.6 Floral 3 Tier Fountain, Floral 4 Tier Fountain, Carmella, Carmona,
Newport, Simplex 4-Tier Fountain with 14' Simplex Coping,Davenport with 14' Light Textured Coping

Indoor Fountains
p.1 Wall fountains, Floor Fountains in other stores
p.2 Tabletop fountains in other stores

Monumental Garden Fountains
Large Landscape Fountains
p.7 Boston, Valencia, Sienna, Maldive
p.8 Fontana Terracina,
Fontana Dei Tritoni, Fontana Giubileo
p.9 Marble Fountains

Wall Fountains with Pools
Large Landscape Fountains
p.9 Savona Wall Fountain (for spouts), Savona Wall Fountain,Ricco Deruta Wall Fountain,Tijuana Wall Fountain, Greenman Wall Fountain, Two Shell Lion Wall Fountain Marble Wall Fountains
Shell, Magnolia , Large Cherub, Lion Wall Fountain, Lion's Head with Bow Wall Fountain Plumbed Lost-Wax Cast Sculpture
Seahorses, Leaping Fish, Cupid, Wildflower, Megan, Petite Swans

Stone Wall Garden Fountains
Cast Stone Wall Fountains p1. Andalusia, Auberge, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento Grooto, Sussex
Cast Stone Wall Fountains p2.Anduse I Wall Fountain, Anduse Wall Fountain
Cast Stone Wall Fountains p3. Half Wall, Fountain with Lion's Head, Francia B.

Cast Stone Wall Fountains p.4 Savona with Step, Ricco Deruta, Tijuana, Greenman, Two Shell Lion
Waterfall Wall Fountains p.5 Bellezza Wall Fountain, Contempo Luna Wall Fountain, Contempo Solare Wall Fountain, Royal Riviera Wall Fountain
Cast Stone Wall Fountains p.6 Amphorae, Etruria, Wall of Water

Tiered Garden Fountains
p.1 Hampton , Providence , Davenport Two-Tier, Davenport
p.2 Classic Leaf 2 Tier Fountain, Classic Leaf 3 Tier Fountain, Classic Leaf 4 Tier Fountain
p.4 Contemporary Tier Fountain, Classic Leaf 3 Tier Fountain, Davenport, Santa Fe, Del Rio
p.5 San Remo, Alassio , Agrigento, Amalfi
p.6 Asolo , San Marino, Principina, Rietti Fountain, Ischia , Riccione

Other Water Features Waterwalls
p1. Grande Fountain Fall Series
p2. Gardenfall Series
p3. Serrano Fountain Fall Series
Waterfall Wall Bellezza , Contempo Luna, Contempo Solare, Royal Riviera

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