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Italian Marble Fountains
Imported from Italy twice yearly. Immediate delivery when available.

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Cast Italian Marble Fountain


Palermo Fountain

Cast Italian marble

78" H x 78" W

Includes Lights, Spray Ring and Pump

weighs approximately 1830 pounds

$10,500.00 plus shipping

Cast Italian Marble Fountain


Fiumicino Fountain

Cast Italian marble

70"H x 60"W

weighs approximately 1080 lbs.

$7,000.00 plus shipping

Cast Italian Marble Fountain

FF 102000


Cast Italian marble

78" H x 53" W

weighs approximately 1213 lbs.

$7,200.00 plus shipping

Cast Italian Marble Fountain



Cast Italian marble

57" H x 41.5" W

weighs approximately 456 pounds

$5,150.00 plus shipping

Cast Italian Marble Fountain



FF 100900


Cast Italian marble

57"H x 41.5"W

weighs approximately 470 lbs.


Cast Italian Marble Fountain


Cast Italian marble

98"H x 102"

weighs approximately 2646 lbs.

$9,000.00 plus shipping

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