Gardenstyle Decor



Gardenstyle Decor

Pottery and Planters

Aluminum Jardinieres
Aluminum Shallow
Aluminum Urns
Aluminum Hanging
Architectural Planters
Architectural Planters Lightweight
Cast Iron Planters
Copper Planters
Copper Urns & Pedestals
Italian Terra cotta
Ethnic Pottery

Asian Terra Cotta New

Rustic Asian Pottery New
Fiberglass Urns
Glazed Pottery- Amber
Glazed Pottery
Greek Pottery
Italian Pottery
Polyethylene Planters
Stone- Basket Weave
Stone Planters- Oval
Stone Urns

Copper Planters and Urns
Copper Urns

Prices shown include regular ground shipping and handling. Please expect 4-6 weeks for delivery

Copper Planters

Santa Fe Planters

Gar 271
Set of Two

13"W x 35"H
11"W x 29"H

@$300.00 incl.shipping



Copper Urns
Copper Urns and Pedestals

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