Solid Color Interior Accent Pillows

Gardenstyle Decor




Gardenstyle Green Solid Color and Solid Colors with Texture prints Interior Accent and Throw Pillows

Gardenstyle unique fabric designs are created to harmonize with natural themes from restored antique botanical and natural history illustration.

Interior Accent and Throw Pillows

p.1 Floral & Botanical Square Pillows

Yellow Dahlia Throw Pillow
Three Iris Throw Pillow
Gloriosa Lilies Throw Pillow
Purple Aster Botanical Throw Pillow
Pink Plumeria (Frangi-pani) Throw Pillow
Lady Slipper Orchid Throw Pillow
Wild Sunflower Throw Pillow Throw Pillow
Purple Cattleya Orchids Throw Pillow
Red Tropical Hibiscus Throw Pillow
Pink Tropical Hibiscus Throw Pillow

p.1a Floral & Botanical Square Pillows

Red Single Peony Botanical Pillow
Rosa 'Dutchess of Edinburgh' Pillow
Red Tropical Hibiscus on White Pillow
Doves in Flowering Dogwood
White Magnolia on Black Pillow
Lotus Botanical Accent Pillow
Pink Mandevilla Botanical Throw Pillow
Warblers in Sedge Audubon Pillow
Red-Winged Blackbird Audubon Pillow
Hummingbirds in Passion Flowers

p. 1b. Floral and Botanical Square Pillows

Redoutè Belle Fleurs Roses and Butterflies
Two Blue Water Lilies Throw Pillow
Right and Left Yellow Rose Pillows
Gardenstyle Logo Mountain Flowers Pillow

p.2 Floral & Botanical Round Pillows

Purple Passion Flower Throw Pillow
Yew Branches and Fruit Throw Pillow
Pansies Bouquet Throw Pillow
Clusia with Fruit Throw Pillow
Brazilian Barbacena Throw Pillow
Golden Clematis Throw Pillow
Bird-of-Paradise Throw Pillow

p.3 Green Pillows

Celadon Waffle Print Square
Celadon Waffle Print Lumbar
Sea Green Square Throw Pillow
Emerald Green Woven Print
Green Tiny Checks Throw Pillow
Green Tiny Checks Lumbar Pillow
Emerald Green Pinstripe
Emerald Green Pinstripe Lumbar
Sage Green Flecked
Pine Green with Pinstripes
Green and Tan Small Check Pillow
Green and Tan Small Check Lumbar

p.4 Green Print Pillows

Green Cabana Stripes
Green Large Plaid
Forest Green Braided Print Pillow
Green and Taupe Color Weave
Emerald Green Leaf Print Square
Emerald Green Leaf Print Lumbar
Green and White Abstract Print
Green and White Abstract Print 2
Green and White Abstract Print 3
Green Stripe Lumbar Pillow

p.4a Green Small Print and Solid Pillows

Basket Weave Tiny Leaves Green Pillow
Sage Green Small Print Pillow
Emerald Green with White Flecks Pillow
Sage and Taupe Herbal Print Pillow
Lime Green Daisies Texture Print
Pastel Green on Green Texture Print Pillow

p.5 Check Print Pillows

Shades of Blue Check Pillow
Blue Window Pane Grunge Check
Green Window Pane Grunge Check
Blue aand White Check Pillow
Yellow and White Dimensional Checks
Delicate Pastel Pink Check
Teal Retro Print Check Pillow
Teal Retro Print Check Lumbar Pillow

p.5a Check and Plaid Pillows

Lavender Plaid Throw Pillow
Lavender, Green, and White Check
Purple and Teal Plaid Throw Pillow
Purple and Plum Plaid Throw Pillow
Watermelon Pink Wavy Check
Watermelon Pink Wavy Check Pillow
Lime Green Pastel Yellow Plaid
Rose Pink and White Tattersall
Pastel Lavender, Blue, Violet Plaid
Pastel Blue, Violet, Burgundy Plaid

p.6 Striped Throw Pillows

Lavender and Pink Shades Stripes
Teal and Blue Stripes Throw Pillow
Gold Thin Stripes Throw Pillow
Pink and Green Colorful Straws Stripes
Mulberry and White Stripe Pattern
Pink, Green, Rose Fiesta Stripe
Vintage Leaf Pattern with Stripes
Lumbar Leaf Pattern with Stripes
Taupe, Cream, Wavy Brown Stripes
Spruce Needle Abstract Stripes

6a. Striped Pillows

Gold and Mauve Stripes Accent Pillow
Gold and Mauve Stripes Lumbar Pillow
Lemon Lime Fiesta Stripes Accent Pillow
Lemon Lime Fiesta Stripes Lumbar
Turquoise Basket Weave Stripes
Turquoise Basket Weave Stripes Lumbar
Apple Blossom Stripes Throw Pillow
Apple Blossom Stripes Lumbar Pillow
Purple and White Flower Stripes
Purple with White Stripe Small Print

7. Solid Colors and Solid with Texture

Coffee Brown Solid Texture Design Pillow
Taupe Square Accent Pillow
Burnt Orange Moire Texture Design
Pink Moire Texture Design Pillow
Turquoise Tight Weave Texture
Cream Floral Texture Tiny Green Pindot
Dusty Rose Marble Texture
Dusty Rose Marble Texture Lumbar
Salmon or Coral Pink Solid Texture
Hot Pink and Orange Watercolor Wash

>7a. Solid Colors; Solid with Texture

Ivory Texture Weave Print
Toasted Orange Solid Throw Pillow
Gold Solid Texture Print Pillow
Taupe and Gold Weave Texture Print
Dark Chocolate Brown Texture Print
Taupe and Gold Weave Lumbar
Taupe Leafy Overlay Texture Print
Maroon Moire Solid Texture Print
Maroon Solid with Flecks Throw Pillow
Dark Rose Pink Solid Texture Print