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As a botanist and designer of natural home decor, I have wracked my memory for the existence on land of a truly turquoise flower. Aside from hybrids and florist dyes, there just aren't any, I'm fairly certain.

Two thirds of our world is covered in blue ocean, and when you ponder the gradients of the deep seas and coastlines, the hue of which can be greatly influenced by local organisms, between all that and the endless wild blue yonder, it is no wonder on land that turquoise became restricted to the mineral sector.

These are blues which blend with the colors of sands, sea shells, driftwood, right into the horizon. The feeling of sitting by the ocean is much different than that of sitting in a garden. Both are relaxing places of beauty and serenity, but the color scheme is absolutely different.

This is not to say we cannot transport any motif of the outdoor world into our living space wherever it may be. So if you are camping out on the coast, or making a dream hideaway in the back shed, Gardenstyle design keeps your palette organized, and naturally correct.


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