Solid Colors Outdoor Fabric Accent Pillows

Gardenstyle Decor




Gardenstyle Botanical and Floral Outdoor Fabric Throw Pillows and Accent Pillows:

Gardenstyle unique small print and textured color fabric designs to coordinate with antique botanical and natural history illustration, and original patterns. All fabric designs may be applied to 20" x 20" square, 16" x 16' square, and 13" x 21" lumbar pillow shapes.



p.1 Floral Botanical

Violet Rhododendron
Chrysanthemums Bunch
Woodland Orchids on Log
Pink Azalea
Redoute Rose with Butterfly
Pink Crape Myrtle
Purple Arundina Orchids Square
Purple Arundina Orchids Lumbar
White Peonies 20x20
Tropical Burgundy Red Hibiscus
White Peonies 16x16
White Peonies Lumbar

p. 1a Floral Botanical

Single Pink Peony on Cream
Clusia Rosea Botanical Pillow
Pink and Yellow Giant Dahlias
Blue Water Lilies
Red Tropical Hibiscus
Three Iris
White Dogwood
Salmon Pink Tropical Hibiscus
Lady Slipper Orchid
Pink and Yellow Dahlia
Three Water Lilies Lumbar Pillow

p.1b Floral Botanical

Vintage Carnation on Dusty Rose
Red Carnation Purple Garden Flower
Five Roses on Sage Outdoor Pillows
Rosa 'Duchess of Edinburgh' Pillows

p.1c Botanical Orchid Pillows

Miltonia Orchids Botanical Pillows
Hot Pink Orchids Outdoor Pillows
Lady Slippers on Khaki Pillows
Yellow Cattleya Orchid Pillows

p.1d Wildflower Botanical Pillows

Single Pink Wild Rose on Blue Sage
Pink Coneflowers Pillows
Wild Grasses of Great Britain Pillows

>p.2 Small Print & Texture

Emerald Green Flecked Pillows
Royal Purple White Pin Dot Pillows
Pine Green Braided Print
Apricot Cream Scallop Pillows

p.3 Dubois Style Vintage Floral

Robin's Egg Blue Vintage
Dubois Style Vintage Florals
Dubois Style Stripe Pillow

p. 4 Calming Stripes

Lavender Blue Cool Stripes
Sage and Cream Stripes
Dusty Rose with White Pin Stripes

p.5 Birds and Butterflies

Hummingbids in Bromeliads
Hummingbirds in Coral Bean
Swallowtail Butterflies
Hummingbirds and Nectar Flowers
Warblers in Sedge Pillow
Audubon Red Wing Blackbird
Nesting Hummingbirds Pillows

p.6 Checks and Plaids
Peach Gold Sage Green Plaid
Bright Many Greens Ribbon Plaid
Yellow and Gold Plaid
Khaki Rose Sage Check Pillows

6a. Checks and Plaids

Dusty Blues Soft Check Pillows
Blue and White Country Check Pillows
Salmon Basket Weave Checks
Tiny Celery Green Checks Pillows


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