Office Decor and Desk Accessories: Jungle Themes

Gardenstyle Decor




Gardenstyle original botanical, garden, and natural theme office decor with desktop accessories, mugs, journals, pens and clipboards for your field work and consultations!

Gardenstyle Postage Stamps


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>p.1 Jungle Theme Office

Florida Jungle by Winslow Homer Desk Box
Woven Leaves Print Throw Pillow
Jungle Green Texture Clipboard
Jungle Green Texture Print Pen
Kentia Palm Padfolio
Kentia Palm Mini Padfolio
Brown Coco Fiber Print Clipboard
Brown Coco Fiber Print Pen
Brown Coco Fiber Print Mousepad

p.2 Palm and Cycad Desk Accessories

Botanical Cycas Clipboard
Natural Woven Print Floormat
Kentia Palm Frond Mug
Fan Palm Desk or Table Lamp
Dark Green Foliage Weave Pen

p.3 Your Desktop Garden

Shell Pink Rose on Black Padfolio
Shell Pink Rose on Black Mousepad
Deep Rose Pink Pencil
Rose Pink with White Pen
Lavender Wisteria Clipboard
Lavender Wisteria Mousepad
Lavender Plaid Pen
Lavender Stripes Pen

p. 4 Floral and Botanical Desk

Dragonfly and Orchid Pen
Dragonfly and Orchid Mousepad
Dragonfly and Orchid Padfolio
Dragonfly and Orchid Mini-Padfolio
Mauve and Khaki Stripe Pen
Mauve and Khaki Stripe Mousepad
Lavender and Greeen Stripe Clipboard
Deep Purple and Green Stripe Pen

p.5 Leaves and Peonies

Colorful Leaves Padfolio with pad
Colorful Leaves Mini-padfolio
Colorful Leaves Variation Mousepad
Colorful Leaves Custom Pen
Colorful Leaves Lined Desktop Box
Pink and White Peonies Lined Desktop Box
Pink and White Peonies Standard Padfolio
Pink and White Peonies Grip Custom Pen
Pink Tree Peonies Pencil



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