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Large writing surface makes plant names easy to read.

Record your plant names, colors and planting dates on these long-lasting stainless steel labels. Galvanized wire legs sturdily hold labels aloft. 10" H x 3 ¼" W.


Jackson & Perkins

Copper Plant Markers, 10Pk

Sturdy 10-inch wire uprights won’t sink, bend, or get lost under the foliage!

Timeless and Elegant Copper Plant Markers let you put ALL the information you want onto your plant label. Imagine - no more abbreviations and codes that make no sense when you revisit the label a year or two later! An ordinary ballpoint pen impresses neatly and clearly onto these tags, for years of service in the garden! Copper ages elegantly in the elements, so your tags will look even better after those first rainfalls and sprinkler baths! The 10-inch support stakes are made of sturdy wire that won’t bend, break, or sink into the ground like flimsy wooden stakes can. And the label face is 1 ½ by 3 ½ inches wide - big enough to see from a distance! Sold in packages of 10.

Copper Plant Markers / 10" long / PK of 10



Weatherproof Plant Markers icon 

These durable plant markers are neat-looking, last for years, and really stay put. They have galvanized wire legs and etched-zinc nameplates for recording variety names, sources and planting dates.



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