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Quick Room Change Leaves Design

These are pieces from my newest Quick Room, Peruvian Lilies.


Unexpected children returning home, or perhaps at last moving out? Maybe there's a need for a private retreat in the back room, or a place for special visitors- or it could be sheer boredom with last year's cushion selections. These are times when an attractive, affordable instant interior decor can let you put extra room preparation worries to rest with Gardenstyle Quick Little Rooms.

Creating a unity with fabric can create a room change instantly, resulting in a nicely designed room, even if under the sparsest conditions. But finding a selection of basics in the same design is not so easy.

My basics are a table lamp, throw pillows, and floormats to create a Quick Little Room. Especially I like fleecetop maps for getting color or texture on the floor plane, and I'm working on some innovations such as printed fringes and other whimsical floor mat effects.

For a special guest, you might add a monogram coffee cup, a throw, or a writing notebook, or some useful welcoming accessory which uses or takes off from the basic fabric design.

Shed no more tears over the doggy slobber on suede and cashmere pillows, or that knocked over Tiffany shade. For those who need them, Quick Little Rooms are a practical, economical avenue to harmonized design, without the worry of life's little incidents and daily wear on your decor. It happens.






Interior Home Decor Is Designed by Leigh Fulghum and Manufactured and Shipped by Zazzle! Bulk orders and fast shipping no problem. Monogram and Logo Cushions Custom Made. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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