Lavender Blue Decor

Gardenstyle Decor




Lvender Cabana Stripes


Keep calm and immerse yourself in lavender blues.

Gardenstyle cabana stripe fabric patterns are made for patios and balconies where impact of color is needed to pull the space together, but where space may be compact.

Horizontal stripes are lengthening, and subtle color blending prevents overpowering with fabric in a small area.

Elsewise, there are plenty of complementary lavender blue designs in the Gardenstyle Zazzle store, in case cabana stripes aren't your cup of tea.

Like the natural world, Gardenstyle is diverse design, based on tradition.


Interior Home Decor Is Designed by Leigh Fulghum and Manufactured and Shipped by Zazzle! Bulk orders and fast shipping no problem. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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