Decorative Ceramic Tiles for Interior Use

Gardenstyle Decor




Custom design ceramic tiles for creating interior trims, walls, mosaics, re-surfacing, or whatever you can imagine.


>p.1 Green Mosaic, Trim, Solid Color

Sage Mosaic Upper Left Corner
Sage Mosaic Upper Right Corner
Sage Mosaic Lower Left Corner
Sage Mosaic Upper Right Corner
Sage Green with Sandstone Grain
Pineapple with Sage Green
Sage Green Small Floral Print Tile
Sage Green Matching Ceramic Knob
Orange Ruellis Wildflowers Tile
Terra Cotta Color Weave Tile

p.2 Floral Tiles and Solid Colors

Roses Pink Trim Left End Tile
Roses Pink Trim Center Tile
Roses Pink Trim Right End Tile
Dusty Rose Marbled Tile
Deep Burgundy Red Solid
Redoute Burgundy Rose
Blue Water Lilies
Dusty Blue Swirls Tile
Green Coconut Palm
Taupe Geometric Design

p.3 Red Hibiscus and Red Accents

Red Hibiscus Ceramic Tile 1
Red Hibiscus Ceramic Tile 2
Tropical Red Hibiscus Tile
Red and White Check Tile


Interior Home Decor Is Designed by Leigh Fulghum and Manufactured and Shipped by Zazzle! Bulk orders and fast shipping no problem. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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