Botanical Bone China Mugs

Gardenstyle Decor




Gardenstyle bone china mugs are made according to the design formed by the plant shapes themselves, with restored engravings and lithographs so detailed, they need no further embellishment. The exquisite pre-photographic age of capturing nature with engraving and hand coloring is a treasure trove of art to be appreciated,in keeping with classic decorating our daily lives with floral and natural themes. This is a modern approach to floral china pattern making. No doodads to distract your impression of the subject, just a pure artistic portrayal of the natural world we can admire in our households, and of course, to nice garnish what is being served.


> p.1. Bone China Mugs

Purple Iris Botanical
Red Redoutè Rose
Golden Calendula
Tri-color Fern Panels
Blush Pink Azalea
Wildflower Pasture Peas
Three White Camellias
Apple Blossoms and Bees
Two Red Redoutè Roses
Graceful Wildflowers
Mauve Botanical Wildflower Print

p.2 Bone China Mugs

Speckled Warblers on Iris China Mug
Oriental Moths on Daffodils
Delicate Red Ixia Botanical Bone China
Hummingbirds in Passion Vine Bone China
Wild Red Roses Bone China Mug
Butterflies in Wild Clover Bone China Mug
Raspberry Frambroise Bone China Mug
Pink Roses Redoute Bone China Mug
Pink and White Briar Roses
Peruvian Lilies Bone China Mug
Mountain Flowers Bone China Mug
Orange Briar Roses Bone China Mug

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