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GARDENSTYLE SHOWCASE: Natural design for Indoor and Outdoor LIVING and GIVING:

Introducing Gardenstyle decor, by botanist and garden designer Leigh M. Fulghum, specializing in botanical and natural history art motifs integrated with traditional and modern decors. On this site you can fast view a fracton without distraction of the works created daily on Zazzle by the Gardenstyle Digital Factory, where the old becomes new, and the possibilities are endless. Products with Gardenstyle designs are purchased from and shipped by Zazzle, Made in the U.S.A., with an unconditional guarantee for returning what you don't love. Plus, if none of this is your cup of tea, Zazzle hosts an international mecca of applied art artists, leaving no design stone unturned!

Zazzle has ongoing discounts and rotating big sales on products. So make a bucket list of your list of unique favorite things, which can be frugally acquired during a Zazzle sale, designed by imaginations around the world!

Now, a look at Leigh's store banner (below) may have you wondering, "What is she thinking?"

Do these things really go together? These are the building materials for your dream designs- products are made for many applications and individual preferences.

CREATIVITY AND FUN! On this site, Gardenstyle products are featured on web pages to consider- to print, cut up, and arrange in trial combinations of color and style, like paint sample cards. In its Zazzle store, for example, Gardenstyle has 1500 prints and colors of indoor and oudoor fabric throw pillows, for a variety of decors. There are also lamps, floor mats, throws, tablecloths, table runners, bedding, and bath decors. While all of it coordinates through one designer, clicking product to product is time consuming, and hampers your inspiration for putting together creative fabric and color combinations that suit you! Here you can hone in on your basic interest, and for planning and decorating purposes, access and put together a paper swatch book with not too much trouble.

Below is a series of descriptive posts and combos to stimulate your imagination with ways to put together some Garden Style that suits you. Check here for regular idea posts. Also check the sections Indoor and Outdoor throw pillows for a preview of more options sorted by color or type of print.


Gardening with Wildflower Pillows

Gardenstyle Little Rooms

Gardenstyle By the Sea

Red, White, and Blue Gardenstyle

Gardenstyle Tropicale

Gardenstyle Lavender Blue




Red Roses Botanicals Pillow Combinations

Fiesta Pillow Color Combinations

Colorful Grunge Interior Throw Pillow Combinations


Soft Pink Room

Soft Blue Room

Peacock Sophisticate Blue Room

Rumble in the Jungle

With almost five thousand beautiful designs applied to Zazzle products, this is a coordinated line of decor, with branches into many styles for many tastes, planned around nature's own palette. While much of Leigh's work preserves the traditional, she brings some innovations to our porches, patios, gardens, and interiors with new appoaches to old style, such as Perennial Gardens of Pillows, Garden Grunge and Farmhouse Chic.

If you like browsing simply pretty things, visit the whole Gardenstyle store on Zazzle. It's a fun place to go!

E-mail designer Leigh for personal service to create custom decor in your color scheme and style, or for special orders of any size for special events!

Floral and Botanical Home Decor



Botanical Bone China Mugs

Car Floor Mats

Ceramic Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Ceramic Interior Decorative Tiles and Mosaics

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Fleece Top Botanical and Decorative Doormats and Floor Mats

Flameless LED Candles For All Occasions and Decor

Flower Face Watches

Indoor Floral, Botanical Throw Pillows with Coordinates

Woven Throws with Throw Pillows

I-pad Cases

Garden and Kitchen Aprons

Garden of Mousepads

Garden of Floral and VintageTissue Papers with Coordinates

Gardenstyle Greetings, Stamps, Journals, and Noteboooks

Gardenstyle Extraordinary Gift Wrap

Gardenstyle iPhone Cases and Otterboxes

Gardenstyle Kitchen Accents

Ladies Gardenstyle Fashion and Accessories

Natural Theme Office and Personal Desk Accessories

Outdoor Fabric Porch, Patio and Garden Throw Pillows

Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Paper Napkins

Natural Gardenstyle Bath Decor

Wildlife Conservation Awareness Accessories

Natural History Print Wood Wall Art



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Collections pages preview some of the 53 Collections of Gardenstyle decor on Zazzle, although not every store product is necessarily in a collection. If you'd like to peek inside any of the collections without leaving this site, click on the links below for a products preview.

Fishin' | Mountain Home | Hummingbirds | Wildflowers | Roses | Iris

Tulips | Lilies

p.2 Preview Collections

Azalea and Rhododendron | Violets, Pansies, and Purple





Joy Holiday Custom Photo Card and Trimmings
Joy Holiday Custom Photo Card and Trimmings by Leigh M. Fulghum
Country Christmas
Country Christmas
by Leigh M. Fulghum
Greetings of the Season
Greetings of the Season
by Leigh M. Fulghum
Have a Holly Berry Christmas
Have a Holly Berry Christmas
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